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FOSDEM 2008 - presenters

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psst: the password = drupal


This page has been used to prepare for the 2008 version of the Drupal DevRoom. For 2009, see the wiki at http://groups.drupal.org/fosdem-2009


People who have tentatively agreed to present a talk - schedule and financial situation permitting:


Note: We have setup a Group, where you can look for/offer transportation and a place to sleep. And to organize something for Friday- and/or Saturday night.



For people who keep an eye on the changes of this wiki

Dries Buytaert
Robert Douglass
Gábor HojtsyD6Drupal 6 (if Dries does not take this :), localization, development tricks
Thomas Bonte

+ ...

combining Amazon Web Services with Drupal (S3, EC2, SQS)

Very recently, a module to integrate Drupal with Amazon Web Services was released. Even though tt is still in early development, it can very useful to find out what can be done with it by demonstrating examples of Drupal websites who integrate AWS.


Thomas Bonte: the example I would like to talk about is wikifonia.org, a community website for sheet music, which makes use of S3, SQS and EC2. I will focus on the software architecture, the data flow and some challenges which we faced.

Wim MostreyFile- and mediahandling in Drupal: the asset module

1. File management in Drupal: an introduction


At DrupalCon Barcelona last year Dries held a survey for his presentation of the State of Drupal. Two problems areas were defined by the Drupal users:

- determing what modules to use

- difficult to add media files


When looking at file management, both issues are combined: do you use a module that creates a new content type (e.g. filenode), one that grants the option to add an upload field to a content type (e.g. upload) or one that adds a cck field (e.g. filefield). Each option has different modules, with an enormous amount of cck fields, each specializing in one type of files: audio, video, images, youtube, embed.


    • 2. The problem


There are a lot of choices to make when picking a module:

- For creating galleries, do you use built-in functionality (if the

module supports this, e.g. image module) or do you use views for

instance. This might also cause issues when you're using different types of modules to handle your files.

- For your editors to enter content: do you use cck fields, added

fields, a separate content type + nodereference, a WYSIWYG plug-in, ...?

- Also, do you pick different modules/cck-fields for each type of

content you're adding or do you use a generic module which handles all



    • 3. Asset module


The Asset module tries to tackle these issues in a highly integrated

manner. It provides integration with cck, views, panels and imagecache. There is also a TinyMCE plug-in for inserting and managing assets or an "Add asset" link below textareas if TinyMCE is not enabled. Image galleries are created using a special panels field. Any type of file can be added, many of which have specific plug-ins or players to display them: mp3, flv, swf, youtube, ...

Roel Guldemond

To promote Drupal: on 24 & 25 may the training/meeting "Learn open Source" will take place at Belgian/Dutch border.

Short presentation on: why & how of this training/meeting.

King of DenmarkAdvanced themingSex Drupal & Rock n roll
Jonathan BrownOpenPackage VideoOpenPackage Video
Frank SchaapImplementing Drupal for the Public SectorThe first Drupal implementation for the official site of a Dutch municipality. Technical aspects, how a Drupal based proposal got accepted, problems encountered in proposing open source software, etc.
Bèr Kesselstheminghow to get started with theming; maybe a case study if anyone's interested.
Erik Stielstra (Sutharsan)Drupal translation, L10n-serverDiscussion on Dutch Drupal translation. Dutch text style and which words to use.
wim leersPerformance optimization with yslow


advanced theming (panels2)

mogelijk kan ik bijdragen aan de performance optimization talk. Ik ben een artikel aan het schrijven over het optimaliseren van Drupal page loading performance. De analyse gebeurt voornamelijk door middel van Yahoo's YSlow. Ik ben aan een CDN integration module aan het werken, om het integreren van Drupal met een CDN een no-brainer te maken.


Indien "advanced theming" ook over de mogelijke voordelen van het gebruiken van Panels 2 zou gaan (en de daarvoor beschikbare Panel style plugins), kan ik waarschijnlijk een nuttige bijdrage geven.

Thomas MoselerUsability

Some Results of the Usability Group at http://groups.drupal.org/usability and further Plans


At the Drupalcon Barcelona it started: We had a BoF on

the Usability of Drupal. A subset of the people involved kept

up IRC Meetings ever since. We developed Ideas and marked

areas to start with to improve Drupals usability. It feels

like a giant task, because a lot and a lot has to be done.


So far a few little Modules have been developed, Mockups and

Proofs of concepts mainly for the following areas:


- Improve Node add/edit forms

- Improve the presentation of Help texts

- Develop a dedicated admin theme

- Improve Layouts and ordering of all kinds of forms


Goal apart from presenting what has been done so far, to attract more Designers, Coders, Information Architects and everyone interested in improving Drupals Usability to join the process.

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